On the way

Laura Llorens

Record Details



All songs written and composed by Laura Llorens
Arrangements : Laura Llorens & Charlie Chastain
Recorded by : Charlie Chastain in Moirville, France
Produced by : Laura Llorens & Charlie Chastain

Mixed by : Charlie Chastain
Mastered by : Richard Dodd

Photography : Alfredo Salazar
Graphism : Michel Llorens

Vocals : Laura Llorens
Acoustic guitars : Laura Llorens
Lead guitars/Backing vocals : Christophe Denis
Lead Guitars on Natural and La Flamme : Emily Zimmer
Bass/Backing vocals : Gilles Sonois
Drums and cajon/Backing vocals : Gustavo Faleiro
Percussions: Gustavo Faliero & Charlie Chastain
Violin : Noelle Heber
Cello : Philippe Gyan
Keys : Holger Marjemaa
Piano on This Town : Heberth Souza
Trumpet/Flute/Lead Guitar on Je t’aime : Josiah Woodson
Guitars/Bells/Backing vocals : Charlie Chastain

“In Your Arms” performed with Hannah Clair
Recorded/Mixed by Joris Pinard & Charlie Chastian
Piano and Vocal harmony arrangements : Hannah Clair